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SMS Installation Requirements

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Last updated: 06 Jan, 2020
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General Guidelines     
SMS Software will install with a free trial period of 21 days except for the Water Management Module (no trial period available). The customer can access the 21 day free trial on both SMS Basic and SMS Advanced for each upgrade version of the software. There is no way to extend the free trial.
1)      SMS Basic and Advanced 
· Each license allows a person to unlock SMS on 2 computers.  Should not be used for 2 different people to unlock and share a license
2)      Booklet Printing Module
· Must have a current SMS Advanced license. 
· Each license allows a person to unlock SMS Booklet Printing on 2 computers.  Should not be used for 2 different people to unlock and share a license
3)      Water Management Module  
· Must have a current SMS Advanced license. 
· Each license allows a person to unlock SMS Water Management on 2 computers.  Should not be used for 2 different people to unlock and share a license
4)      Plot Prescription Module 
· Only for use with an Almaco Seed Star 360 planter
· Must have a current SMS Advanced license
· Each license allows a person to unlock SMS Plot Prescription on 2 computers.  Should not be used for 2 different people to unlock and share a license
5)      SMS Mobile PC  
· Each license allows a person to unlock SMS Mobile on 1 device.
System Requirements                                                                                  
1)      Minimum system requirements for the software to run at an acceptable performance level:
· 1 GHz processor or higher
· Windows  VISTA SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1 (Not RT), Windows 10
· 256 MB RAM
· 4 GB Application/Data Storage Space
2)      Recommended resolution settings will be the following when running 32 color and 100% scaling of the text sizes:
· SMS Basic: 1024 x 768*
· SMS Advanced: 1280 x 1024
*Note: If using SMS Basic and making edits to installed field tile, users will have to use the Menu options at the top of the editor to access some of the tools needed or increase the resolution on their computer monitor.
3)      Network Data Location
· SMS Advanced only
· All computers accessing the data must have the same version of SMS
· Must be wired network connection to device used for data storage (Wireless connections increase the probability of corrupting data and locking projects if connection is temporarily interrupted)
· Network location must be mapped to the individual  computers
· WiFi or Cloud storage is not supported
· When upgrading software, all projects need to be checked in and only one computer should be used to initiate the migration of the data
· Migration needs be performed on a local installation, not over the network as it may cause data loss
· Performance speed may be noticeably degraded
4)      Software Installation
· Installation as a Client Server environment is not supported
· SMS software runs as a single instance – only one person can access the program at a time
· Installing as a ‘thin client’ will not work
· Installing the software on a server with a Windows OS and allowing remote desktop login will work, but is not advised.  Limits access to one individual at a time.   
Software Installation                                                                                               
1)  2)   The most current version is always in the SMS Mapping Software Downloads section of
3)   Default Program Files and Program Data paths are on the C: drive.
4)   Must install the version of the software that was purchased to register it correctly.
5)   After installation is complete, Network Data Locations can be added.  (SMS Advanced Only)
Download Software Instructions                                                    
1)  Make a directory on the C:\ Local Drive called “Ag Leader Software Download”
2)  Click on the SMS “DOWNLOAD” link for SMS Basic/Advanced on the website.
3)  Choose, “Save this file to” or “Save As” and click OK.  Find the folder created in Step 1 and click SAVE to begin the download.
4)  When the download is complete, right click on the zipped folder and select ‘Extract All’.   
5)  Open the extracted folder and locate the setup.exe file.  Double click the setup.exe to launch the installation wizard.
6)  Follow the installation wizard and select the correct installation type of the SMS Software.

Installation / Upgrade Issues                                                                                   
1)      Software won’t install and a message appears referencing a CAB file or network error.
· Anti-Virus program may have captured a file(s) – need to turn off during installation
· Firewall may have blocked a file(s)
2)      Message that a newer version already exists on the computer
· User has skipped a version during an upgrade and is now attempting to go back
· On a Network  Data location, another computer connected to the  database may have upgrade the software and migrated the data
· SMS needs to be  uninstalled before installing a previous version
· May need to rename the Data folder
3)      Message “Data is too old or corrupt” after installing software
· User has skipped a version in the upgrade process
· User had an older version, potentially a trial version,  of the software installed previously
· SMS needs to be uninstalled before installing the correct version
· Rename the Data folder to start at the new version
4)      Activation Code won’t work
·  Activation code is for SMS Basic and the user installed SMS Advanced
·  Activation code has been previously used (one time only use)
·  The user is entering letter Os instead of number 0s
5)      Check for Updates results in a Java Runtime Error            
· TrueUpdateClient  file is corrupt or bad.  

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