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InCommand™ 1200

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Last updated: 22 Jul, 2019
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InCommand™ 1200

InCommand™ 1200 is the flagship of the InCommand line, built on Ag Leader’s industry leading precision ag display technology. With InCommand 1200, you get year-round efficient machine control plus instantaneous information to simplify crucial decisions that impact your yield and profitability. See vital information in the tractor cab to help you manage machine functionality and react on-the-go to changing field conditions. Plus, take your field data and maps with you on your tablet when you leave the cab!

Initial Release Date: November 2015

Display Manuals

Title Description Part Number Revision
Operator's Manual - InCommand (77mb) Manual with all InCommand user guides combined into a single document. 2006395-ENG N
InCommand Display User Guide (37mb) Covers everything that the display can do without purchasing additional modules or kits.  This also includes AgFiniti Features. 4004700-ENG N
InCommand Quick Reference Guide (2mb) 2006394-ENG A

Feature User Guides

Feature User Guides have information on setup, calibration, daily operation, and troubleshooting specific to an operation.

Title Description Part Number Revision
App Rate Module (3 MB) Application Rate Module setup to serial control 3rd party controllers to perform planting, seeding, or application operations. 2006022-ENG I
NTRIP RTK on InCommand™ (1 MB) NTRIP RTK on InCommand™ cabling guide for GPS 6500, GeoSteer, and ParaDyme 2006495-ENG A
Planting and Seeding
SureDrive (1 MB) Configure the display to use the SureDrive electric drive system, view planter performance, perform variable rate planting, utilize AutoSwath and perform basic troubleshooting. 2006036-ENG M
SureForce (1 MB) Configure the display to use the SureForce Hydraulic Down Force system, and perform basic troubleshooting. 2006038-ENG M
Individual Row Down Force (1 MB) Configure the display to use the Individual Row Hydraulic Down Force system, and perform basic troubleshooting. 2006037-ENG I
Clutch Control (1 MB) Configure the display to use AutoSwath with the SeedCommand Clutch Control module to control SureStop clutches or SureVac shutoffs. 2006023-ENG H
Advanced Seed Tube Monitoring (4 MB) Configure the Seed Tube Monitoring Module (STMM), navigate the Planter Performance screen, and perform basic troubleshooting. 2006024-ENG L
Planter Monitoring Module (2 MB) Configure the Planter Monitoring Module (PMM), which displays planting data from a Kinze Planter on the Mapping Screen. Includes Muxbus sensor detection and troubleshooting. 2006025-ENG H
Hydraulic Seed Rate (3 MB) Configure the SeedCommand Hydraulic Seed Rate Control module to control hydraulic drives for variable rate planting. 2006026-ENG I
ISO Down Force (2 MB) ISOBUS 8-Channel Hydraulic Down Force, setup and operation through the Universal Terminal and basic troubleshooting. 2006027-ENG I
2-Channel Down Force (2 MB) Setup and operation of the proprietary 2-Channel Hydraulic Down Force system, includes basic troubleshooting. 2006028-ENG H
Crop Care
ISO Liquid (11 MB) ISOBUS Liquid Control Module setup and operation through Universal Terminal. 2006017-ENG I
DC Liquid (4 MB) Setup and operation of the DirectCommand Liquid module including troubleshooting. 2006018-ENG I
Strip-Till (4 MB) DirectCommand Strip-Till module includes setup for use with strip-till fertilizer application or air seeder (planting) control. 2006033-ENG I
DC Injection (1 MB) Configure the DirectCommand Injection module to interface with the Raven SCS Sidekick™ for chemical injection application. 2006032-ENG D
NORAC (2 MB) Configure the display to interface with the NORAC UC5 Boom Height Control system for sprayers. 2006019-ENG I
OptRx (2 MB) OptRx Crop Sensor setup for on-the-go variable rates using the N Algorithm or  user-defined Application Rate Table. 2006020-ENG D
DC Spreader (5 MB) DirectCommand Granular Control for spinner spreaders, setup and operation. 2006021-ENG I
Harvest (2 MB) General guide for Harvest setup, calibration, and operation. 2006016-ENG K
CLAAS Lexion Quantimeter (2 MB) Interface with the CLAAS Lexion Quantimeter System using this Bridge Module to communicate with the CEBIS monitor in the combine. 2006030-ENG D
CLAAS JAGUAR Forage Yield Monitoring (2 MB) Interface with the CLAAS Jaguar Quantimeter System to read and record forage yield data using this Bridge Module to communicate with the CEBIS monitor. 2006035-ENG D
Water Management
Intellislope (7 MB) Setup and operation of Intellislope with Soil-Max or O'Connell Tile Plows, including surveying and tile installation modes. 2006029-ENG L
ISOBUS Retrofit (5 MB) Enable and use the Universal Terminal with the ISOBUS Retrofit Kit. Includes detailed Universal Terminal troubleshooting guide. 2006015-ENG I
ISO SAR (4 MB) ISOBUS Serial Application Rate (SAR) module for serial control of compatible 3rd party controllers for application operations. 2006031-ENG I
ISO Switchbox (2 MB) Setup and and make auxiliary assignments for the ISOBUS Switchbox using the Universal Terminal. 2006034-ENG A

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