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AgFiniti® Cloud Features

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Last updated: 26 Jun, 2019
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Map View

View maps from all fields and operations synced to AgFiniti® Cloud. You can customize individual legends and stats to view the data in the format you want. Use Map View to query data in areas of interest, add notes (with pictures) to areas of your field as you scout, and track your location.

Soil Surveys

Users with an essentials license will have soil survey data automatically downloaded for fields in AgFiniti that have a boundary or logged data. It will also run a check every month to update each soil survey with any new data.

Live Stats

Live Stats indicators are present with the device location on the InCommand® display and AgFiniti®. Their indicators show the main attribute, speed and operation for any device logged into AgFiniti®. With the AgFiniti® App you can easily track the location of supporting vehicles such as grain trucks by logging into the app on your phone. With a onetime login the app will share your location to all other devices in the operation even when backgrounded.

Cloud Processing/Sync

Sync data to AgFiniti® from Ag Leader® displays. Data synced from a display as an AGDATA file will be stored on the My Files page, and will automatically be processed and viewable on the Map View page on any iOS®, Android™, or Windows® internet connected device.

  • Each AgFiniti Essentials License provides 5,000 acres.
  • AGDATA files on the Shared Files page need to be copied to the My Files page before they will be processed. AGDATA files can be transferred wirelessly from supported displays or they can be manually uploaded to AgFiniti® Cloud.

Wireless Data Transfer

AGDATA and AGSETUP transfer between supported displays, AgFiniti® products, and SMS™ Basic/Advanced.

 SmartReport™ and ISOXML files can be exported by supported displays to AgFiniti Cloud.

Shapefiles can be transferred from AgFiniti® Cloud to Ag Leader® InCommand® displays.

Generate Prescriptions

AgFiniti® offers two ways of creating prescriptions: Legend Based Prescriptions and Equation Based Prescriptions. Legend based prescriptions are created by taking a contoured map of any data including Multi-Year Analyses and then assigning a rate to each legend range on the map. Equation based prescriptions utilize a variety of equations including Tri-State and University recommendations to create a variable rate prescription map. To create a prescription you will first need to have an AgFiniti® Essentials license and will need have a purchased field.

Summary/Comparison Reports

Provide quick and easy access to data summaries for data present in AgFiniti® Cloud. Easily analyze your data to see how different hybrids/varieties, populations and soil types affected your yield in AgFiniti® Cloud with Comparison Reports. After creating these reports you can print them to PDF to view at a later date. *(Not currently available with AgFiniti® app)

Remote Support

Remotely view displays in real-time from any device.

Account Sharing

Allows users to share data with other users as well as create sub accounts within your own account with different permissions.

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