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Trending Support Topics - July 8

08 Jul, 2019

We're gonna miss you - but we'll be back for harvest!

As application and early summer calls and emails decrease, we'll bid you farewell for now, but harvest will be here before we know it, and we'll be back with more tips and tricks! Until then, check out this weeks trending support topics here.

This Week's Top 5

1. Customers having troubling reading their data into SMS?

  • Make sure they are running the most current version, available to download here.

2. Flow meter cal numbers - yes, again.

  • Snap a pic of this handy equation so you can help your customers who aren't getting quite the right amount of product applied in the field.

3. Update now, avoid problems later.

  • Get your customer's InCommand® displays updated to the latest firmware.

4. Management tree a bit messy?

5. But it's only July!

  • Think it's too soon to get a jump start on harvest support? Think again! This article is your one-stop-shop for display harvest feature user guides and combine kit installation instructions.