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document SMS Installation Requirements
General Guidelines SMS Software will install with a free trial period of 21 days except for the Water Management Module (no trial period available). The customer can access the 21 day free trial on both SMS Basic and SMS Advanced for each upgrade version of the software. There is no way to extend the free trial. 1) SMS Basic and Advanced · Each license allows a person to unlock SMS on 2 computers. Should not be used for 2 different...
06 Jan, 2020 Views: 1953
document InCommand™ 1200
InCommand™ 1200 is the flagship of the InCommand line, built on Ag Leader’s industry leading precision ag display technology. With InCommand 1200, you get year-round efficient machine control plus instantaneous information to simplify crucial decisions that impact your yield and profitability. See vital information in the tractor cab to help you manage machine functionality and react on-the-go to changing field conditions. Plus, take your field data and maps with you on your...
22 Jul, 2019 Views: 43919
document InCommand™ 800
The InCommand™ 800 display serves as an economical hub for your precision farming operations. Take advantage of our most popular year-round precision tools all in one package: machine guidance control, SeedCommand™ planting control, DirectCommand™ application control, yield monitoring and more. Initial Release Date: November 2015 Display Manuals Title Description Part Number Revision Operator's Manual - InCommand (77mb) Manual with all...
22 Jul, 2019 Views: 10609
document AgFiniti® Cloud Features
Map View View maps from all fields and operations synced to AgFiniti® Cloud. You can customize individual legends and stats to view the data in the format you want. Use Map View to query data in areas of interest, add notes (with pictures) to areas of your field as you scout, and track your location. Soil Surveys Users with an essentials license will have soil survey data automatically downloaded for fields in AgFiniti that have a boundary or logged data. It will also run a check every month to...
26 Jun, 2019 Views: 223
document AgFiniti Mobile Live Maps FAQ
This article will cover common questions about live maps on AgFiniti Mobile. This document will continuously be updated. Jump to a Question: What operations do live maps support? What is required to view a live map in AgFiniti Mobile? How do live maps work? How do I know if I have live maps available to view from DisplayCast when in AgFiniti Mobile? Is my live map data permanently stored on my iPad? Will I have summary reports available on AgFiniti mobile based on my live map? How will my live...
26 Jun, 2019 Views: 425
document AgFiniti - Soil Surveys
Users with an essentials license will have soil survey data automatically downloaded for fields in AgFiniti. To get a soil survey map the field must either contain logged data or a boundary file greater than 5 acres and less than 4000 acres. These soil surveys will be brought in even if you have imported a survey from SMS; however, it will not overwrite you SMS created soil survey. AgFiniti will also run a check every month to update each soil survey with any new data.
26 Jun, 2019 Views: 82
document InCommand Seasons Management
This article explains how to manage data from the seasons tab on InCommand Displays. Clearing Old Data Changing Active Season Season Management and DisplayCast Once in the season tab you will see what seasons are in the display and which one is active. Clearing Old Data from the InCommand Display Each season can be broken down into Events by operation by pressing the plus icon next to the season. Data on the InCommand Display is not deleted or removed from the system after being...
25 Jun, 2019 Views: 645
document NTRIP Options after Verizon/AT&T 3G Shutdown
Verizon has announced plans to retire its non 4G LTE network (CDMA) entirely at the end of 2019. Non 4G LTE devices include CDMA Relays and internal modem ParaDyme/GeoSteer systems New (or new to user) CDMA Relays must be activated prior to June 30th, 2018. Non 4G LTE devices cannot be activated after this date. CDMA Relays will NOT be able to be suspended and reactivated after June 30th, 2018. If users expect to use their CDMA Relay past June 30th, 2018, their device data plan must stay activated. ...
24 Jun, 2019 Views: 498
document Controller Setting vs Hardware Failure
Objective This document explains how to identify if a controller setting or hardware failure is the cause of your machine not applying, or receiving the Rate Not Responding message. How To The first thing you want to do is select Manual Valve Control for the rate. This is shown in the Figure below. When this is selected the target rate will display "OFF." Once you place the rate in Manual Valve Control, the monitor is ignoring all controller settings, except for the Control Valve Type. Therefore,...
24 Jun, 2019 Views: 2867
document Q: My booms are turning on/off late, is there any adjustment?
Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Question: My booms are turning on/off late, is there any adjustment? Answer: Yes, in the Automatic Swath Control screen there are look-ahead values that can be adjusted for both turning on and the turning off of the boom sections. This screen can be found under Setup > (highlight current configuration) > Wrench > Automatic Swath Control > Look-Ahead Settings To get the boom sections to turn on or off EARLIER,...
24 Jun, 2019 Views: 2917
document Erratic Actual Rate / Can't Hold Target Rate (Control Valve Tuning)
Issue My actual rate is jumping around, why am I not able to hold the target rate? Resolution There may be multiple reasons why an applicator will not hold target rate. First, make sure the controller settings match the quick reference sheet that was provided with the installation kit. Also, make sure that the Rate Display Smoothing option is checked in Configuration Setup > Equipment Settings. Once those have been verified, we may need to ensure the flow meter or encoder is operating normally,...
24 Jun, 2019 Views: 6906
document Q: I have a Rate Not Responding message flashing on the top of the my display. What does this mean?
Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Question: I have a Rate Not Responding message flashing on the top of the my display. What does this mean? Answer: This message will appear when you are off of your target rate according to Rate Error Alarm. This setting defaults to a threshold of 30% and timeout of 5 seconds. This means the display will alarm you with a Rate Not Responding message when you are off the target rate by 30% for more than 5 seconds. “Rate...
24 Jun, 2019 Views: 3048
document SureDrive and Individual Row Hydraulic Down Force
As an all-encompassing planting solution, Ag Leader’s SeedCommand™ now includes SureDrive™ electric drives. Growers will gain precise row-by-row control of planter performance to incorporate variable rate planting, instant adjustment to population rates, section control and consistent seed spacing despite changes in planting speed or on curves and headlands. Additionally, SureDrive isn’t tied to a specific brand or type of seed meter, making it flexible to work on...
21 Jun, 2019 Views: 13745
document Liquid Application ISOBUS / ISOBUS Serial Control
Ag Leader’s DirectCommand™ ISOBUS Liquid system provides advanced tools for control and critical system information visibility for todays increasingly sophisticated application equipment. Additionally, data collected in the field is readily accessible via .pdf or on your iPad for government reporting, in-field productivity scouting and input purchasing decisions. the instructions on this page refer to ISOBUS Liquid Product control and ISOBUS Serial control. ...
20 Jun, 2019 Views: 7745
document Q: Why does my display say the tank is empty when I still have product left?
Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Question: Why does my display say the tank is empty when I still have product left? Answer: Verify that the flow meter calibration number, flow meter operation (not gummed) and the container capacity were entered in correctly. If so, you may need to adjust the flow meter calibration number. This is done by using the equation below: (Ag Leader Display Total Applied/Actual Total Applied) * Flow Meter Cal = New Flow Meter Cal ...
18 Jun, 2019 Views: 1933
document DisplayCast ™ FAQ
This article will answer common questions about DisplayCast™. This document will continuously be updated. Jump to a question below: Functionality What information is synced between displays using DisplayCast? How fast will maps in an active event sync? If one display disconnects from the internet, will it automaticallly reconnect and sync missing data? How many displays can be logged in at one time? How many displays can automatically sync data at one time? Can I choose what information is...
11 Jun, 2019 Views: 2339
document PMM Sensitivity Threshold
The sensitivity threshold (also referred to as seed size) works to filter out dust and other debris to ensure only seeds are counted. Default sensitivity thresholds per crop type, automatically assigned when selecting crop type, are usually adequate for most conditions. Default sensitivity values are: 15 for Corn 10 for Soybeans 5 for Sorghum The value range for sensitivity is 0 to 31 where 0 is most sensitive and 31 is least sensitive. When...
05 Jun, 2019 Views: 2281
document Troubleshooting Gauge Wheel Sensor
The gauge wheel sensor, or load pin, is an important component in the proper functioning of our hydraulic down force systems. If you notice that the sensor is not functioning properly, use the descriptions of different possible sensor statuses below to better diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. Sensor shows N/A What does this mean? The Row Control Module (RCM) did not detect a gauge wheel sensor at start-up. ​Possible Causes: Sensor is not connected to the RCM Cable connection between sensor...
05 Jun, 2019 Views: 1534
document SureDrive Motor Communicates and shows voltage but does not Turn
SureDrives share a common ground with ECU power through the RCM Stub harness. Because of this it is possible to show SureDrive voltage in diagnostics but the SureDrive will not actually turn. Additionally, the RCM LEDs will all show green and you will received 12v when testing High current power pins 5 and 6 on the SureDrive motor connection. The user will see the section icon on the screen stay grey when all the other sections show green. More often than not you will only get a no see flow message. ...
04 Jun, 2019 Views: 117
document Q: Why is my vehicle driving straight but parallel to my guidance line? My display is showing the machine is consistently offline on the display light bar but my machine never drives over to the guidance line.
Question: Why is my vehicle driving straight but parallel to my guidance line? My display is showing the machine is consistently offline on the display light bar but my machine never drives over to the guidance line. Answer: When a SteerCommand, GeoSteer or ParaDyme steering system is driving along beside the guidance line and will not steer to the line, the first item to check is the wheel angle sensor. For SteerCommand, check out the System log and look for "Curvature Bias Warning" message. This...
04 Jun, 2019 Views: 2125
document Wheel Angle Sensor Troubleshooting
This article discusses how to assess a Wheel Angle Sensor. Use this as a reference for other types of Wheel Angle Sensors that may reference different values. The WAS (Wheel Angle Sensor) Provides an indication of wheel angle position to the steering controller. Detects up to 120 degrees of rotational movement and requires care when installing to ensure equal counts both left and right of center. For good steering performance, a solidly mounted WAS Block and potentiometer is required. During the...
04 Jun, 2019 Views: 3923
document Reading Files into SMS (Importing)
One of the key features of SMS its ability to read in most precision ag files on the market today. See the complete list of compatible file types for more information. The process for reading in files can vary depending on the source, but can be broken down in the following categories: Field Displays and Monitors SMS Mobile Generic Files (shape files, text) Images Field Displays and Monitors Field display data can be read into SMS by going to Read Files and selecting Read File(s) from a...
03 Jun, 2019 Views: 5724
document Connecting a Serial, CF, SD, or Internal GPS unit to SMS Mobile PC
If you are using a serial, CF, SD, or internal GPS unit the auto detection of your GPS that SMS Mobile tries may not actually find your GPS receiver. Follow these general steps if you are using one of these types of receivers and you are having trouble connecting: Serial/CF/SD GPS receivers On your Windows Mobile device select the Start menu Select Settings and the System tab Now select the GPS icon On the Programs tab make sure that the port is set to GPD1 On the Access tab If the...
18 May, 2019 Views: 127
document Background Imagery in SMS Mobile PC
Users may want to add background imagery to provide a more visual aspect to the data being mapped. To add background imagery for a field, there must be set field boundaries within SMS Mobile PC. Go to Setup - Batch Select Download internet imagery for ALL fields to add backgrounds to your maps. Imagery will now be added to your map backgrounds. The same process can be used to clear backgrounds by selecting the Clear ALL downloaded internet imagery.
18 May, 2019 Views: 57
document Known Raven ISO Incompatibilities
Issue: When utilizing a Raven ISO Module for applying anhydrous Ag Leader cannot select NH3 or any liquid product when loading a Task Controller Configuration Reason: The Raven ISO Module applies product in lbs instead of gallons. Ag Leader cannot control a liquid product in lbs. In order to control Anhydrous with the Raven ISO Module the Controller must be set up as a Generic ISOBUS and controlling a Granular Product. (Generally users create a Fertilizer for Product Type and then Choose Other for the...
16 May, 2019 Views: 321